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F. Heaven


Heaven: Our Ultimate Destiny is the 3rd and final book in Course 2 of The Joy of Christian Discipleship Series. Following Awakening: The Triumph of Truth, and Kingdom: God’s Reign in our Midst, this study completes our survey of the foundations of our faith by casting a vision of where we will be after we die and how we can live fruitful lives between now and then. Unlike Course 1, which delves deeply into issues that are best managed in same-sex groups, Course 2 material is well-handled by mixed groups. Heaven crosses over from the preceding study of the Kingdom of God as it investigates the destination of our eternal hope in the hereafter beyond the day of judgment, the transitions we can anticipate at the end of our earthly lives, and the journey ahead of us as believers in Christ.

Many (if not most) Christians have a very vague idea of what “heaven” will be like after we die. Some think that a kind of “purgatory” will await us for further purification before arriving in a celestial paradise, but many just put their hands up as if to say, “I have no idea.” What do you and your fellow believers think? Heaven promises to be a stimulating group study of pertinent Scriptures. Companion books are also available as noted below.

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5. Awakening

D. The Triumph of Truth: Waking up into the Light of God

What is awakening?
Wider revival

6. Kingdom

E. God’s Reign in our Midst: His Kingdom, here now and forever

What is His Kingdom?
Living in the Kingdom

7. Heaven

F. Our Ultimate Destiny: Living good and faithful lives into eternity

What is eternal life?
How can we live it now?

Handouts 2

Key Supporting Material

This volume contains 44 Handouts for all 3 guides in Course 2 in a full-sized 8.5″ by 11″ format.

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Full Course 2 includes all three study guides along with their associated handouts and worksheets as depicted above, all of which are assembled in this convenient and economical 8.5″ x 11″ coil-bound volume.

In addition to the advantage of convenience, our Course 2 combined edition also has a larger format that allows more room for leaders and other group participants who choose this option to record their responses.

All 3 Guides plus Handouts in one Volume


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