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Full Course 2 plus Handouts


Course 2 of The Joy of Christian Discipleship is being developed as a follow up to Course 1 arranged in a similar format of three study guides, all three of which are included for the sake of convenience in this one 8.5″ x 11″ coil bound volume along with their associated handouts and worksheets. This more advanced course is organized into 3 Realms and 7 Understandings in which each of the workbooks covers a Realm of knowledge in the growth of a committed Christian believer, starting with 3 understandings about personal and community revival in Awakening, followed by 3 understandings about how we relate to the authority structures around us as believers in Kingdom, and finishing off with a thought-provoking study of how we understand our ultimate destination and the journey from here to there in Heaven.  These workbooks are designed to serve as study guides for small discipleship groups of 2-12 members (ideal 3-8 committed). Each of the three studies can be completed in about 12 weekly group sessions over one semester or a 3-month period with breaks for holidays. Supplementary handouts and worksheets designed to accompany each workbook in the course will also be included here and on our website.

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5. Awakening

D. The Triumph of Truth: Waking up into the Light of God

How do we awaken?
Wider revival

6. Kingdom

E. God’s Reign in our Midst: His Kingdom, here now and forever

What is His Kingdom?
Living in the Kingdom

7. Heaven

F. Our Ultimate Destiny: Living good and faithful lives into eternity

What is eternal life?
How can we live it now?

Handouts 2

Key Supporting Material

Pending completion
The Handouts for all 3 guides in Course 2 will be published in 2023.

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