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Entire Discipleship Course 1, Books 1-3 and Handouts

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A. Saved!

B. Sanctified

C. Sent


Course 1 Books plus Handouts in 1 Volume

The Joy of Christian Discipleship: A Course in 3 Stages and 7 Steps was developed in the form of three workbooks, all three of which are included for the sake of convenience in this one volume along with their associated handouts and worksheets. The course is organized into 3 Stages and 7 Steps in which each of the workbooks covers a Stage in the discipleship of a committed Christian believer, starting with 3 steps of conversion to faith in Saved, followed by 3 steps of growth in discernment and maturity in Sanctified, and finishing off with a significant study of how to carry out the Great Commission in Sent.  These workbooks are designed to serve as study guides for small discipleship groups of 2-12 members (ideal 3-8 committed). Each of the three studies can be completed in about 12 weekly group sessions over one semester or a 3-month period with breaks for holidays. Supplementary handouts and worksheets designed to accompany each workbook in the course are also included here and on our website.

Entire Discipleship Course 2, Books 5-7 and Handouts 2

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D. Awakening

E. Kingdom

F. Heaven

Handouts 2

Or get our Full Course 2

Full Course 2 includes all three study guides along with their associated handouts and worksheets as depicted above, all of which are assembled in this convenient and economical 8.5″ x 11″ coil-bound volume.

In addition to the advantage of convenience, our Course 2 combined edition also has a larger format that allows more room for leaders and other group participants who choose this option to record their responses.

All 3 Guides plus Handouts in one Volume


Bonus! Our full guide to The Biblical Festivals!

The Biblical Festivals is a colorful and informative introduction to the major “appointed times” or festivals given to Moses on Mount Sinai seven weeks into the Exodus, together with several minor ones as well as a more extensive presentation of Passover. The first half of the compendium describes and follows the traditional Jewish calendar and descriptions in presenting the Biblical festivals outlined in Leviticus 23 and foreshadowed in other Scriptural passages.

A contemporary Haggadah for celebrating a full Passover Seder is included in the second half of the book which is opens wide for use by everyone seated around the Seder table. 

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Medium Orders (Groups)

Groups of 2-12 (3-8 committed members is a more ideal size) are the way to go, especially with mature leaders as examples and guides. Group leaders should download and read our Group Leadership Suggestions handout, continue on to read the background material linked on the Resources page, and meet together regularly for planning and mutual support.

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