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E. Kingdom


Kingdom: God’s Reign in our Midst is the 6th book in The Joy of Christian Discipleship Series and the second of three in Course 2. Kingdom moves from the dynamics of individual and more widespread awakening covered in our 5th book, Awakening, into the realm of God’s authority, from being our Savior to reigning as our King. This study addresses four questions: How do the earthly “kingdoms” we interact with compare with God’s heavenly Kingdom? What is the “good news of the Kingdom of God” that Jesus proclaimed and demonstrated in power throughout His earthly ministry? What is the Millennial Kingdom? And what is our place in God’s unfolding plan?’

The phrase “Kingdom of God” occurs 126 times in the New Testament, 99 times in the Gospels of which 90 record the words of Jesus. When was the last time you were part of a study or heard a pulpit message about the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God? Our Kingdom study is an excellent way to open your eyes and heart as you pray the Lord’s Prayer and “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

The 5th book in the Series, Awakening: The Triumph of Truth is also available now as noted below, while the 7th and final book in Course 2 awaits completion. When the final study guide in the Series is published, the associated Handouts will as well as a complete version of Course 2 in one coil-bound volume will also be made available.

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5. Awakening

D. The Triumph of Truth: Waking up into the Light of God

What is awakening?
Wider revival

6. Kingdom

E. God’s Reign in our Midst: His Kingdom, here now and forever

What is His Kingdom?
Living in the Kingdom

7. Heaven

F. Our Ultimate Destiny: Living good and faithful lives into eternity

What is eternal life?
How can we live it now?

Handouts 2

Key Supporting Material

Pending completion
The Handouts for all 3 guides in Course 2 will be published in 2023.

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Course 2 is being developed in the form of three study guides along with their associated handouts and worksheets as depicted above, all of which will be combined in this convenient and economical 8.5″ x 11″ coil bound volume.

In addition to the advantage of convenience, our Course 2 combined edition also has a larger format that allows more room for group participants to record their responses.

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