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A Word from Dr. Bill Morehouse, our lead author

What we need in this day and age when truth lies bleeding in the streets – this time of physical, moral and social crisis – is men and women of integrity. We need people who are committed to seeking truth and wisdom in humility and love. We need a generation of people who have been emptied of all their negative baggage and freed to love and serve with compassion, courage, and insight. But we weren’t born and raised like this: we were born into sin and raised up in corruption. We can only be restored in God’s image through being awakened, reborn, and raised up anew.

We need a mighty move of God’s Holy Spirit working on hearts and minds throughout our weary land and world, sweeping away deception, lies, and festering pain, and raising up a spiritual army of servants who are equipped in body, soul, and spirit to rebuild a new world to replace the broken “old normal” we had become so invested in. We need God to go ahead of us, turning on His light, tearing down strongholds of human anger, chaos, darkness, fear, and foolishness, and replacing them with faith, hope, and love… the greatest of these being love.

And before, during, and after He moves, we need to be going into all the world, proclaiming the gospel to the whole creation, and making disciples of all nations, starting right here at home. 

Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’?
Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.

Will you turn, lift up your eyes, and celebrate God’s love and salvation with us? That’s what this whole series is about.


Dr. Morehouse was raised in a traditional Christian home in the 1950’s and functionally became a humanist during college and medical school in the 1960’s. After completing his medical residency in Family Medicine in the early 1970’s he embarked on a career of serving the poor but soon found that his secular faith and alternative lifestyle were woefully inadequate to the task. In 1974 he underwent a dramatic conversion from the philosophy and lifestyle he had been living to a wholehearted commitment to Jesus as his Lord and Savior. After returning to medicine and marrying in 1975, he and his wife dedicated themselves to growing in faith, raising their family of four children (plus eight grandchildren now), and providing Christ-centered service to some of the most disadvantaged members of their community. Since “graduating into retirement” from active clinical practice in July 2018, Dr. Morehouse has devoted himself to study, writing, and teaching about discipleship and the Kingdom of God. He has had long personal and professional experience with the material covered in Celebrate Salvation.

Clinical Specialty: Family Practice, including Maternity Care – Click for Resume or here for more about current talks and teaching.

Clinical Practice: 45 years of full-time service. Founder of His Branches, Inc.; Attending Physician at Golisano Children’s, Highland, Strong Memorial, and Unity Hospitals in Rochester, New York, until retiring from active clinical service in 2018.

Active Professional Affiliations: Christian Community Health Fellowship and Christian Medical and Dental Associations.