Complete Course 2 now available

After publishing the last study guide in Course 2 last month, Heaven, our attention has been turned not only to getting the books out but in putting together Handouts 2 and combined Full Course 2. I’m pleased to report that both volumes are now available for purchase and use through the Bookstore on our website.

As you may know by now, Course 2 of The Joy of Christian Discipleship Series has been developed as a follow up to Course 1 arranged in a similar format of three study guides, all three of which are included for the sake of convenience in this one 8.5″ x 11″ coil-bound volume along with their associated handouts and worksheets. Unlike Course 1, which delves deeply into issues that are best managed in same-sex groups, Course 2 material is well-handled by mixed groups. This more advanced course is organized into 3 Realms with 7 Understandings in which each of the workbooks covers a Realm of knowledge in the growth of a committed Christian believer.

Course 2 starts with 3 understandings about personal and community revival in Awakening, followed by 3 understandings about how we relate to the authority structures around us as believers in Kingdom, and finishing off with a thought-provoking study of how we understand eternal life and our journey from here to Heaven. Each of the three studies can be completed in about 12 weekly group sessions over one semester or a 3-month period with breaks for holidays. 44 supplementary handouts and worksheets designed to accompany each workbook in Course 2 are also included in this volume.