Creation, Revelation, Consummation

Our Men’s Bible Study (aka MBS) had its regular weekly Zoom meeting on Thursday morning with a good turnout of faithful and mature believers in attendance. Today it was again my quarterly turn to share the message. In the midst of doing my research for the next and final book in Course 2, entitled Heaven, I embarked on an overview of God’s work in our existence, both personal and corporate. The presentation I gave to our MBS group includes personal testimony and how His Word applies to all of us.

Where did we come from; what are we doing with our lives; and where are we going? My MBS presentation lasted nearly an hour and stimulated some lively and interesting discussion. Click here to download and view a PDF of my PowerPoint presentation and/or here (with Passcode wb@c9bJn) to link to a Zoom video recording of the presentation with a split screen showing the PowerPoint. We ran into some difficulties displaying the slideshow; so my talk starts at 5-1/2 -minute mark.

PS: The Zoom format has also proven to be an excellent venue for Celebrate Salvation groups. If you’re interested, have any questions about my recent talk or groups in general, or would like some support in getting a group going in your neighborhood or church, please feel free to contact me!