I just got off a Zoom call with about a dozen Western NY small group leaders (not those anonymous folks in the stock picture above) who were discussing how they and their Celebrate Salvation discipleship groups were doing. Currently there are 12+ groups up and going in the Greater Rochester and Buffalo areas. All started earlier this fall with Book 1 – Saved – and are nearly halfway through. Everyone is enthused, and all reported that not only are paticipants growing in faith and getting to know each other better but are having a great time doing it.

How was the Zoom format working out, I asked. Everyone reported being pleased with using Zoom and said that it was very helpful during this time for several reasons. People could see one another’s faces at the same time without masks and communicate well as they went through and responded to their study questions in order. Folks were comfortable in their homes and didn’t have to waste time and energy getting out and traveling to another location. As a result, there were people from significantly distant places who were able to join their groups as active participants every week.

Overall, a very encouraging report! Please contact us if you’re interested in or have any questions about starting a Celebrate Salvation study group on Zoom!