Is Awakening Coming?

Many of us have been yearning in our hearts for God to reveal Himself to us, to our families and friends, and to the communities that we serve in. Sometimes it seems that His answers are delayed, but recently many of us have begun to get the sense that widespread times of anointed awakening are just around the corner. Two weeks ago revival broke out spontaneously at Asbury University, a college right down the road from my medical school alma mater where a similar outpouring occurred over 50 years ago just months before I graduated. At the time I dismissed it as an aberration of Bible Belt enthusiasm, but 4 years later God opened my heart and revealed the fullness of His love to me. Since then I’ve been invested in family, prayer, and serving the Rochester community. Nearly 5 years ago I graduated into retirement from clinical service and have been devoting myself to prayer and developing discipleship material for a coming time of awakening.

Many of us have been praying for a time like this to begin, and it appears that the time is drawing near. The Asbury outpouring is now upon us and is gaining momentum. We need to be prepared and ready for a harvest of souls. Many individuals, families, and churches that are touched by God will need our understanding and support to guide and disciple them, lest their initial enthusiasm be drowned out in the cares of this world and lost again. Please pray, read, and watch with us for signs of awakening in your midst. Consider gathering some small groups in your church to go through our 12-week study guide on Awakening together. Here’s another current link about the Jesus Revolution movie to get you  started.