Earlier today I followed through on an invitation I received last month to present to a group of about 25 mature men who are active in their churches and meet regularly on Thursday mornings. Their meetings have been all hosted safely on Zoom since COVID-19 hit. After some heartfelt prayer and preparation I felt called to share with them the spiritual underpinnings of “The Joy of Christian Discipleship” and to seek their participation. I thought I was almost ready for my scheduled date with the group this week when another brother shared some mind-altering insights last week about “The Big Bang” and creation which led to some major (“Big Flash”) rearrangements of the PowerPoint presentation I had put together.

This morning we all prayerfully gathered on Zoom and spent the following 90 minutes reviewing the essentials of discipleship and looking toward the future together. Please join us in prayer that our Lord will kindle Awakening and Revival in our midst! Click here to download and view a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation I gave and/or here to link to a Zoom recording of the group and my presentation.

As an aside, the Zoom format has proven to be an excellent venue for Celebrate Salvation groups. If you’re interested, have any questions, or would like some support in getting a group going in your neighborhood or church, please feel free to contact me!