It’s been a good more 6 weeks of writing, helpful editorial commentary and revision, reformatting, and growing in grace and faith. The initial writing of our second study guide, Sanctified, was completed on May 11, followed by the third guide, Sent, on May 26. Since then the books have been under review by several of our devoted editors, and constructive comments keep coming in. As these are incorporated, new PDFs are posted online for ongoing review.

Our hope and plan is to have enough electronic editing done by early to mid July that we can start printing some hard copy books for hands-on review. It may look one way in a PDF, but there’s nothing like an actual mock-up of the final product to get a feel for what it needs to look like as a finished product. In the meantime, we’re working on getting the proper ISBN numbers assigned by Bowker for each book as well as looking into how to bring the books to market once they’re ready.

Please keep us in prayer as we go into the summer months. Our hope and desire is to have the entire Joy of Christian Discipleship course ready and available by the end of the summer so that churches can begin planning to start pilot groups in the fall.