The Joy of Christian Discipleship Series

A series of seven short books covering Christian discipleship, including a three-volume in-depth Discipleship Course for groups, a 7-week devotional review of Essentials, and three concluding books on timely topics for mature believers.

The Series

The Joy of Christian Discipleship Series was developed by Dr. Bill Morehouse and his experienced team as a coordinated sequence of 7 short books on discipleship that can be used as personal devotional guides or, even better, for small group study. The introductory three book course described below goes in depth into the 3 Stages and 7 Steps of the Celebrate Salvation approach to discipleship, starting with conversion to Christ, then progressing to maturing in grace and reaching out to share with others. Based on personal experience and molded by the time-honored insights of the Oxford Group movement and the effectiveness of 12-Step and Celebrate Recovery programs, this approach outlines and describes the stages and steps that characterize revival of living faith and fruitful discipleship in individuals, groups of people, and sometimes even entire communities.

Books 1-3, The Joy of Christian Discipleship Course

The full course is a three-part group study series that may either follow Essentials or stand alone. Each of the of three small 70-page workbooks covers a Stage in the discipleship of a committed Christian believer, starting with the first 3 Steps of conversion to faith in Saved, followed by the second 3 Steps of growth in commitment, holiness, and maturity in Sanctified, and finishing  with the 7th Step of sharing the Great Commission in Sent. Each guide contains twelve 4-page weekly studies: four studies on each of the three steps in the first two booklets and four studies on each of the three dynamics of carrying out the Great Commission: Word, Deed, and Power in the third. The books have been designed to serve as study guides for small (2-12 member) ministry-sponsored discipleship groups meeting weekly over 10 months, allowing time for nine full months of meetings with breaks during holiday seasons. New small groups may gather and start at any time with leaders who have already gone through this or similar material themselves.

Status: In final editing phase. Click cover images to review current status of each book.

Book 1 – A. Saved

Rescued by Grace: Foundational principles of the Good News

1. Recognize that I’m in trouble
2. Believe in God’s love
3. Let go and let God

Book 2 – B. Sanctified

Coming Clean With God: Living in the Word and the World

4. Conviction and Repentance
5. Trust and Obey
6. Communicating with God

Book 3 – C. Sent

Becoming a Living Letter: Sharing the Good News of God’s Kingdom

7. The Great Commission: Bringing God’s Good News to others in word, deed, and power.

Book 4 – Essentials

Seven Steps to Abundant Life

Book 4, Seven Steps to Abundant Life Devotional

Essentials of the Christian Faith was written as a 2-month daily devotional guide with 7 weekly topics, each introducing a Step in Celebrate Salvation’s outline of effective discipleship. Equally adapted to individual as well as small group study, this is an ideal way for a church or ministry group to introduce the foundational Stages and Steps in The Joy of Christian Discipleship Series to their membership prior to starting the full group study program covered in the three book series described above. It can also serve seasoned believers as a helpful review of the foundations of their faith as well as preparing potential group leaders to provide leadership for the full course.

Status: In early writing phase. Click cover image to review progress.

Books 5-7, Concluding Works in the Series, currently under development 

Book 5 – Awakening

The Triumph of Truth: Society when God turns the lights on

What is Awakening?
When and how does it come?
Working together with God

Book 6 – Kingdom

God’s Reign in our Midst: His Kingdom, here now and forever

What is the Kingdom of God?
Living in the Kingdom now
Building together for the future

Book 7 – Heaven

Our Ultimate Hope: Living good and faithful lives into eternity

What is eternal life?
How can we live it now?
Preparing to graduate